Type: Residential
Location: Mosman, NSW
Size: 1400sqm
Photographer: Natalie Hunfalvay
Completed: 2020

Creating a garden for this property was a real joy for the team at Inspired Exteriors. A formal layout for the front garden was achieved using pleached Snow Pears, a rectangular lawn, and a simple yet striking water feature. The planting focused on texture and flowers with key elements being seen from sight lines out from the house and inwards from the street. This combination created an intimate yet structured garden that sat perfectly with the architecture of the home.

The rear garden was designed to suit the active young family whilst working with the steep gradient of the site. We worked with the architecturally designed swimming pool creating the upper terrace that takes in the view and allows for easy entertaining straight out of the house. The lower garden has a quarter basketball court and formal lawn with the planting tying into the front yet being hardy enough to withstand impact from ball games. Simple stone benches give a sculptural element whilst adding stylish practicality.

Use of this garden when the sun sets is only improved by extensive garden lighting transforming this space into a haven to relax and entertain.

We acknowledge and pay respects to Traditional Owners across Australia and the Torres Strait as the original custodians of these unceded lands.

We recognize and respect Traditional Owners continued connection to the land, water, sky and people, and their responsibilities of caring for Country.

We pay respects to Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom ensures the continuation of culture and traditional practices, and we appreciate their guidance when it is shared with us.