Type: Residential
Location: Wahroonga, NSW
Size: 2200sqm
Photographer: Natalie Hunfalvay
Completed: 2019

Inspired Exteriors was brought into this project at the end of an internal renovation. The property lacked street appeal and was a blank patch of heavy clay. We devised a formal entrance that set the tone for the internal finishes. A formal lawn, to one side of the oversized stepping stones, was balanced by Crepe Myrtles and a simple reflective water feature. The driveway was a textural mix of cobblestone and decorative gravel with custom gates finishing the scene.

In the rear garden the swimming pool was relocated and made deeper to allow for a diving board. This created space to allow for a large undercover entertaining space, open lawn and a cabana to watch tennis on the existing court. Formal planting helped tie the front garden to this entertainer’s delight in the rear.

We acknowledge and pay respects to Traditional Owners across Australia and the Torres Strait as the original custodians of these unceded lands.

We recognize and respect Traditional Owners continued connection to the land, water, sky and people, and their responsibilities of caring for Country.

We pay respects to Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom ensures the continuation of culture and traditional practices, and we appreciate their guidance when it is shared with us.