Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2023

Type: Show Garden
Location: Carlton Gardens, Melbourne VIC
Size: 10m x 15m
Photographer: Brent Wilson, Jonathon Griggs Photo
Completed: 2023

The container garden was a concept to show recycled and recyclable materials can be used in a contemporary finish rather than the more common rustic approach. Two shipping containers where repurposed to create a dining space, a lounging space as well as a rooftop garden. A central courtyard connected the spaces with a formal lawn and outdoor charcoal grill.

The planting was high impact with tree aloes and other sun hardy plants towards the front of the garden moving toward shade loving plants such as Hydrangeas and tractor seat plant at the rear.

The garden was awarded a Gold Medal, Horticultural media association award for best plant life as well as the most prestigious award at the show the City of Melbourne award of excellence for Best in Show.

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