Due to lockdowns record numbers of Australians are now gardening. In fact, 65% of Australian adults have purchased a plant in the last 12 months! It’s a result of spending more time at home, taking in our surroundings, and realising the importance of having a garden to care for.

I don’t need to tell you that I love gardening – I feel we live in a fast-paced society where so much angst comes from not getting a result fast enough when really, it’s the things you nurture and care for that bring the most joy and happiness – things like family and, of course gardening. The world may seem uncertain at the moment with restrictions lifting, conflict abroad and extreme weather all across the country however we can take some stability from our gardens, they will improve mental fatigue and lessen stress. Studies show 5 plants in a space can improve mental wellbeing by up to 60% – If that’s not an advert to get out into the garden or go potty on a balcony I don’t know what is!

As well as lessen stress plants improve air quality too, especially in indoor settings. One plant in a room can help improve air quality by 25%. Plants not only take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen they help to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from paint, furnishings and air pollution.

Although green is a relaxing colour, the unknown of plants and how to care for them can be stressful for some – nobody likes to kill their plant babies. Allow me to remove this stress and let you know that no matter how much you garden, you will always kill a few plants, it is inevitable and even I do it! Learning why your plants have failed is an important lesson to learn and will help teach you to care for future plants, the dead plants also make for great compost so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Your local nursery is a great place to get information on what will grow in your area, aspect, and soil type and for new gardeners don’t be scared to ask lots of questions – those who have more experience are only glad to share what they have learned. Garden clubs are also an excellent source of information if you are taking your newfound love of everything green to the next level.

The internet and Instagram are a great source of inspiration and information, if you’re a new gardener I really like Greener Spaces Better Places as it offers great inspiration, tips and tricks for your garden or balcony.

We acknowledge and pay respects to Traditional Owners across Australia and the Torres Strait as the original custodians of these unceded lands.

We recognize and respect Traditional Owners continued connection to the land, water, sky and people, and their responsibilities of caring for Country.

We pay respects to Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom ensures the continuation of culture and traditional practices, and we appreciate their guidance when it is shared with us.